Your 1440 Daily Spend

Do you know the significance of the number 1440? When I ask it in my presentations the audience doesn’t either (puts you in good company). It is the number of minutes in a day. One thousand, four hundred and forty. That’s it. Such a small number but carries a major significance. In those minutes we determine the memories we will make, the success we will have, how we bounce back from failure, if we take time for ourselves, if we accomplish checking items off our to do list, and if we had our priorities straight for the day. So much can happen in 1440 minutes but it can also go by in a flash.


Learning to Become a Reformed Multitasker

Here in Charlotte we have a lot of “reformed bankers.” As the second largest financial capital (second only to New York City) you can imagine that we would have a lot of bankers. So naturally, especially after the latest recession, we have folks who have branched out, left banking, reinvented themselves and are now “reformed bankers.” For most they embrace it. Well there is another mindset I want people to embrace…becoming a “reformed multitasker.”

Say what?


Parent Stress = Teen Stress

How do you handle stress? Well it turns out if you have teenagers or young adults they pick up your stress habits. That means, according to an American Psychological Association study, teens learn how to deal with stress by mirroring their parents. So if you don’t handle stress well, your kid won’t either.

The study was revealing. It turns out teens reported higher levels of stress than adults… “5.8 for teens versus 5.1 for adults on a 10-point scale.” The study also reported that “about a third said they felt overwhelmed or sad or depressed because of stress. Another third said they felt tired, and a fourth said they sometimes skip meals because of stress.”